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China’s own 9/11?

It was an early summer afternoon. The heat wasn’t yet unbearable and I had just hiked down from the snowy mountain of Muztagata. I was with two fellow backpackers who I just met… Continue reading

Some call it Chinese colonialism.

I think the wall talks about the Chinese invasion of Xinjiang…

China vs. Ai Wei Wei

PBS Frontline has produced an inspiring documentary short on Ai Weiwei and about how he got into trouble…with fears..and more… Meanwhile, a Cuban artist has projected his image onto the building of the Chinese Consulate… Continue reading

The gun may shoot the bird that sticks out

In Green Eyes’ Wildlife Rescue Center in Cangnan, Guangdong Province there is a small eagle that was rescued many months ago. He is skinny with dark black feathers and can no longer fly.… Continue reading

UK Guardian’s Watts on China’s sustainability

See beyond a blaming game

Half way through the climate negotiation here in Tianjin, China and the U.S. are once again caught in heavy bickering and finger-pointing. Both have made damning accusations of the other side for negotiating… Continue reading

A Balanced Package – Must be more fair, ambitious and binding than the Kyoto Protocol!

My Last minute speech at UNFCCC: Dear Chairman and distinguished delegates from around the world, As a Chinese American, I’ve seen a lot of bickering between the two countries in the last week.… Continue reading

“Look for self-help in time of disaster, not the party”

Grandpa Hu (not his real name) said “my loyalty always lies with Chairman Mao”. His red pin emblazoned with the golden head of Mao proudly hung on his left chest. It sparkled in… Continue reading

China Celebrates Status As Number One Polluter – By The Onion

The Onion, American’s #1 source of FAKE NEWS made this offensive, UN-PC and saddening video on pollution. My favorite commentary by viewers on the You Tube site is from legoman762005 : ” I… Continue reading

Mapping Chinese Environmental NGOs

Author: Wu Haoliang Instruction: Ocean means international environmental organization, sun means social environmental protection organizations, fire means youth environmental protection organizations, and tree means student environmental protection organizations. Visit the map page for… Continue reading